There are several ways to brew loose leaf tea. What’s the best way, you ask? The answer depends on accessibility and occasion. Generally there are 3 ways to do it: 1. using a strainer, 2. a French press, 3. teapot. Each has pros and cons. Let’s  briefly go over each one.


Method 1: Strainer

  • Use this if you are moving around like mountain climbing.
  • Use a fine mesh strainer. It costs about Php 150 in every department store.
  • It is portable, cheap, not breakable, and easy to wash.
  • Pilgrim’s Tip: If you have a old coffee brewing machine that you are not using check inside for a fine mesh – they come with one.
  • Cons – even fine mesh does not strain some finely cut tea. It is not the most presentable and if you leave it at your office table, people might borrow it to make some instant noodles.

fine mesh tea strainer

Ideal Method: French Press

  • Sometimes called a coffee plunger, the French Press our recommended method for brewing loose leaf tea because of practicality.
  • Pros: It is affordable with typical ones costing Php 350 in the department store kitchen section. There are branded ones by Bodum or Hario that can cost up to Php 5K. You can buy these at the department store or online – I got mine at department store for 350 (picture shown below).
  • Pros: You can bring it to office and leave it there. It is easy to wash and store in your locker and won’t take up too much space in your table.
  • It strains even finely cut loose leaf tea. They come in different sizes from 350 ml to even 1 liter.
  • Pilgrim’s Tip: If you have 600 ml or 1 liter version then you can make 2-4 brewed cups – very handy for making iced tea or milk tea. 
  • Cons – If you drop it, obviously it can crack. This is why I advise you to buy the cheaper ones especially if you will leave it at your office where coworkers might borrow it (and drop it). Though you can bring this mountain climbing, it might crack in your backpack.

French Press


Method 3: Teapot

  • The teapot is the old fashioned way of making tea and they usually come with teacups in a set.
  • Price ranges from 700 Php to thousands for fancy ones. They come in all sizes big and small. There are different shapes too, but I won’t get into those. There are also metal ones (picture below) – you can buy those in the department store or online.
  • Pros: great for parties or if you have a garden and just want to leave your teapot outside – it is visually appealing.
  • Pros: The teapot can keep your tea hot, but not too long if you are in Tagaytay or Baguio of course.
  • Cons: It is hard to setup and you have to wash so many cups. If you break a cup it might ruin your set. Teapots are a bit annoying to wash.
  • Cons: definitely not for mountain climbing. If you are feeling nuts, you could try bringing a metal teapot with a strainer then pour into your tumbler.

japanese steel teapot green - 470px



JR’s tip: The French Press is the most practical way to brew loose leaf tea, and it is what I use at home. 🙂


Hope you learned something from this article! If you need more tips on brewing tea, feel free to send us a message on any of our social media accounts or mobile number. Cheers!