Drinking tea should relax you. Drink it as you would brewed coffee, alone or with friends. Yet, in our fast paced time, you can really miss out on its other healing aspects – like calming our mind and mood. I dare say, tea can aid in healing your heart, not by-itself of course.


When I read the Bible every morning, I drink tea. Tea and reading are a match made in heaven. When you drink tea, don’t be in a hurry, close your eyes as you sip and then make you take that relaxing deep breath.

Oolong tea makes a great meditating tea. When I say meditation, I’m not simply referring to sitting still cross-legged for 30 or so minutes. I’m talking about going-deep in your thoughts, critical-thinking ABOUT YOUR CHARACTER and LIFE.

I suppose it can’t be avoided that your problems will cross your mind, but as you PAUSE IN LIFE, it gives you NEEDED TIME to reexamine YOU. Suppose while drinking tea you read: “It is useless, useless, said the Philosopher. Life is useless, all useless. You spend your life working, laboring, and what do you have to show for it?”

That was attributed to King Solomon who is known to be the wisest king and super rich, but what if I told you he had 700 wives AND 300 concubines? And yes, that’s from the Bible, Ecclesiastes chapter, verse 2-3 (GNT). When you drink tea you should pause and reflect – you need a DAILY quiet time.

If you are a cyclist then you know the morning routine: wake up at 4:00AM ish, dress up, prepare bike etc, have coffee (or TEA!) and be out cycling before the sun rises. Quiet-meditating-ALONE-time does not mean you have to be sitting still, it can be cycling, jogging or reading.


Of course some will tell me, JR, yeah, that’s all good if you have free sched, but some of us have to commute at 5:30AM! Seriously I’m with you – there are days I go to Pampanga (for work) from Cainta/Pasig so I know the Ortigas Avenue insane traffic. But you know, those are some of the days I look forward to.

I prepare my tea, download sermons to my phone, and choose topics that I’m currently in. Something like “Turning Depression into Hope” – I don’t want listen to bad news, gossip early morning. There’s nothing like having peace and focusing on a sermon or coaching videoo early morning AND even when going home!

I remember about 5 years ago, I was really SUERP-ZERO broke – nothing left in my bank, no savings, Whitney Houston singing the chorus ‘I have nothing, nothing!” I was commuting in a bus from Cubao, QC to Angeles Clark City. And I was just looking out the bus window cruising NLEX, I was praying, hoping, yet HUMBLED.

It was a really low point for me, I would have to conclude I was broken – but it did NOT END THERE. That’s because it was CHARACTER transforming – God was doing something to me.

While riding an FX in heavy traffic you have 2 options: look outside and be frustrated (because it is our of your control) or look inside (your heart). While drinking your tea in traffic, may I suggest you try to listen to any of these character transforming messages:


You can make your morning a time of healing, sharpening your mind. Drink your tea when you meditate hiking up a mountain, cycle through the province, or while doing yoga. Tea is just right in mornings, a mellow waking up of the senses with preparation.

In Part 2, I will talk about having Tea in the afternoon and Evening – stay tuned!