Earl Grey Tea



100 grams of Zealot’s Earl Grey. Ceylon Black Tea Orthodox Style.

Makes 40-80 Cups. You can reuse leaves up to 2 more times.

Got a bad hangover? Drink Earl Grey Tea. It’s a tea good for recovery and removes the after-taste of alcohol and cleans the palate. You will either love this for the rest of your life or hate it.

Excessive alcohol causes depression. If you meet an alcoholic, preach the Word of God to him / her. Then have him / her try this tea – it helps!

Taste: Citrus. If an orange and lemon had a child then this would be it (called a Bergamot). It is not simply a mix of the two in terms of flavor, but has taken on a unique taste that is distinguishing.

Emotion: Energizing & Delightful

Preparation: Use 1 teaspoon of tea with 90° C water and steep for 3-5 min. depending on desired strength.

NEVER BOIL TEA and DO NOT use freshly boiled water. I don’t recommend steeping for more than 5 min.

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