Need some tips on how to brew the perfect cuppa? You’ve come to the right place. Get tips on how to brew your tea, recipes for a healthier lifestyle and cool trips where you can heal your senses with a majestic view and a cup of tea.

These are short-at-most 10 minute reads from the context of the Philippines. The topics I discuss are about:

How to Relax While Drinking Tea – Part 1

Drinking tea should relax you. Drink it as you would brewed coffee, alone or with friends. Yet, in our fast paced time, you can really miss out on its other healing aspects - like calming our mind and mood. I dare say, tea can aid in healing your heart, not by-itself...

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3 Reasons Why Some Tea Taste Bitter

Many people from the Philippines think that tea is naturally a bitter drink. This is a common misconception. Here are 3 most common reasons why your tea taste bitter and how to prevent it from happening: Reason 1: You are using boiling water Never boil tea...

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Why You Should Use A French Press to Make Tea

There are several ways to brew loose leaf tea. What's the best way, you ask? The answer depends on accessibility and occasion. Generally there are 3 ways to do it: 1. using a strainer, 2. a French press, 3. teapot. Each has pros and cons. Let's  briefly go over each...

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