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Philippine Tea Supplier for high end restaurants and milk tea stores.

For 4 years, Pilgrim’s Tea Philippines has supplied tea to Restaurants at Makati & BGC. We supply Ceylon Black Tea which is an Indian Tea from Sri-Lanka, other high-quality teas like Japanese Senchas and more.

Pure Ceylon Black Tea


FLAVOR: Strong, full-bodied and malty – British style.

To make milk tea: Brew tea for 5 minutes then add ice. Add evaporated milk and your choice of sweetener.

To make iced tea: Brew tea for 5 minutes then cool and add ice. For 1 liter, use half a lemon or 5 x calamansis. Add honey or your choice of sweetener.

₱800 per kilogram of black tea.



Sencha offers a more refined taste when compared with other types of green tea. It is high in antioxidants, too! It is the most popular tea in Japan.

Earl Grey Black Tea


Our Earl Grey Tea uses true oil of bergamoto from Italy. This is a strong Earl Grey using our own secret recipe.


Pilgrim’s raw, organic, and local honey helps with everything from low energy, cure to acid reflux, to sleep problems to seasonal allergies.

Certified 100% Pure by Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) – DOST


How to Relax While Drinking Tea – Part 1

How to Relax While Drinking Tea – Part 1

Drinking tea should relax you. Drink it as you would brewed coffee, alone or with friends. Yet, in our fast paced time, you can really miss out on its other healing aspects - like calming our mind and mood. I dare say, tea can aid in healing your heart, not by-itself...

3 Reasons Why Some Tea Taste Bitter

3 Reasons Why Some Tea Taste Bitter

Many people from the Philippines think that tea is naturally a bitter drink. This is a common misconception. Here are 3 most common reasons why your tea taste bitter and how to prevent it from happening: Reason 1: You are using boiling water Never boil tea...

Why You Should Use A French Press to Make Tea

Why You Should Use A French Press to Make Tea

There are several ways to brew loose leaf tea. What's the best way, you ask? The answer depends on accessibility and occasion. Generally there are 3 ways to do it: 1. using a strainer, 2. a French press, 3. teapot. Each has pros and cons. Let's  briefly go over each...


You may request your own courier such as Grab or Lalamove rider. Buyer pays for shipping.


You may pay via Gcash, Direct Deposit via BPI or BDO. Please message us in Messenger.


For restaurants, tea is sold in 1 kilogram bags. Store in cool dark place away from sunlight in hard containers.